Why Lace Front Wigs Are So Popular

Lace wigs were introduced to us beauty observers several years ago. At first, they received a lot of bad rap because the hairlines on them looked too perfect. You were able to tell them that someone was wearing fake hair instantly.

But over the last few years and thanks to YouTube, many people have come up with different ways to enhance lace front wigs. At this point in the hair game, it’s almost impossible to spot one. Lace front wigs have completely dominated the hair industry. It even blows basic wigs out of the market.

The number one reason lace front wigs are so popular is because it gives you your time back. A lace front wig allows you to throw it on and continue your day. Washing your hair in the morning or even trying to decide on a style won’t consume you anymore. The only maintenance that will be required is caring for your hair underneath the lace front. Typically, most people keep their hair braided or in a low ponytail, which remains intact for weeks at a time.

Short Styling Time
As I mentioned earlier, styles such as braids or sew-ins usually take hours to complete. But when you’re getting a lace front wig, you could pay someone to style it for you! It’s as simple as ordering your favorite food! Well we all know styling hair in the morning is a struggle at times and sometimes styling hair at night is risky.
However, while rocking a lace front wig, you can purchase a mannequin head and style it at night! If you desire a curly look, apply perm rods to your wig, while wet, and in the morning all you will have to do is remove the rollers, and you’re off to start your day!

Natural Looking
In the beginning, I mentioned how it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between lace front wigs and natural hair. You may have asked yourself why lace front wigs look so natural, and it’s because of the lace material inside of them. The lace essentially represents the color of a scalp. So, when you part the wig, and because lace is thin, it appears to look completely natural. This wig also comes in handy when rocking a high ponytail because normally it’s hard to pull off styles like those.

Quick Tip: Have you ever spent a lot of money on hair extensions and it turned out to be terrible hair? Well, many people have! That’s why it’s wise to invest in good quality hair. Invest in good quality hair, so you’re able to have a good hair experience.

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