What is U Part Wig and Is It Better ?

Recently, there is a new eye-catching hair product - U Part Wig. Are you the ones who are interested with it, but don’t know details about it? Just keep reading, we will lead to to learn what is U part wig and is it better?



U part wig is the wig that has a hole at the top or side of the wig, the shape of hole is like letter U. People can attach leave out or closure to it, let the hairstyle looks as natural as possible.



Here we list some advantages of U part wig:

Save money: It’s price is cheaper than other lace wigs, people can save money and get natural hairstyles at the same time.

Super easy: It’s easy to wear and remove, no glue, no stocking cap needed, people can take off it when sleeping.

Versatility: It’s high versatility allow people change hairstyle easily in daily life.



Hair Grade: 10A

Hair Texture: Body Wave / Straight

Hair Length: 8-26 Inches

Hair Color: Natural Black

Quality: Machine Double Weft, Soft, No Shedding, No Tangle

Features: 100% Human Hair, Can Be Dyed & Permed & Bleached


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