What is Best Hair Extensions for a Longer Hair

Hair extensions have served as best solutions to major hair problems like slow rate of hair growth, thinning hair and major hair fall. When it comes to this particular accessory there are oodles of options available in terms of type, size and color. But it is always recommended that one has to get advice and suggestions from a hair professional before using these products.

Best Type of Hair Extension

Human hair extension is said to be the best type of hair extension. This is due to the fact that they are donated by people belonging to various ethnic groups and races. If you are integrate a human hair clip in extension in your real hair it will feel like your natural hair. Remy human hair extensions are said to be one of the finest quality human hair extensions available. Remy human hair is considered the best because the hair cuticle is untouched unlike other human hair extensions. When cuticles are saved and aligned towards one direction, hair appears more natural and soft as silk and it is completely free of tangles. Non-Remy hair which is widely sold in the market has its cuticle stripped off and acid bleached. Remy hair has also goes by other names such as cuticle hair, cut hair and virgin hair. It is durable and lasts for a longer time compared to other human hair extensions.

Advantages of Human Hair Extensions

Almost every woman these days uses heat treatment for their up do. When you have human hair extensions you do not have to worry about burning them while applying high heat treatment tools. Always use a heat protectant serum to avoid damaging your extensions. Since it feels more natural than synthetic hair extensions, it can be treated like your real hair.

Taking Care of Extensions the Proper Way

It is very essential that one takes care of human hair extensions the way it is supposed to be taken care of. For example, if you are getting this process done with an 18 inch hair in extension, you should be ready to spend on the maintenance which would require you to take a trip to the salon once in every six weeks. Use a gentle shampoo and wash it with cold water. Using a mild conditioner will give a richer look to the extensions. Having your hair on a pony tail or braiding it before going to bed will prevent knots and tangles. Follow the advice of your hair stylist when it comes to the maintenance part of hair extensions.