What Are The Most Popular Types of Wig

Lace wig is one kind of best selling and popular product between black women. Also with the hair loss become a concern that people have been dealing with for year, no wonder more and more people are looking to the option of lace wigs as a way to get past this issue. There are some things that we need to be aware before ordering, and we will look into them now.

  1. Custom made or Ready-made

There mainly are two kinds of lace wigs that people have the choice of in the market: custom made and ready-made. No matter which one you choose they can be a remedy to your problem. Custom made lace wigs has far more natural appearance as they can fit your head size perfectly, its price also is expensive. Ready made wig would be a good choice for people who want to find a affordable and good quality wig.

  1. Types of Wigs

There are many types of lace wigs, lace closure wig, lace front wig, 360 front wig full lace wig and etc. Lace wig that has large lace size can bring more versatility on hairstyles and hair installation.It can do pull up and ponytail, which lace closure wig can not do. But they all are made by 100% human hair that have top quality, their hairline and baby hair can bring us a very natural hairstyle.

  1. Glue or glueless

When wearing lace wig, you will need to choose the way that you want to attach the wig to your natural hair. Many people use glue to install wig to secure it’s not easy to fall off, while the glue may damage the hair and some people are allergic to glue, so the glueless wig become more and more popular.

  1. Keep wig deep conditioned

Conditioner is much useful in daily caring the lace wig, especially the hair is easier to gets dry in winter than other seasons. Condition provides a layer on the hair, to help it keep lock in moisture, that’s how it works to keep hair in good condition. After using good quality mild shampoo, gently work conditioner into the human hair wigs from Upper middle to down, let it stay for at least five minutes, then rinse thoroughly and then style. This is great for wavy and curly styles.

  1. Styling the wig

If you order the human hair wig, it could take heat, can be dyed and bleached, curled and straighten. In general, you should use professional styling tools and products, and take correct method strictly, or the hair would be damaged with the improper method and cause some loss. And if you want to dye the hair to a light color, we advice you to choose blonde color wig directly.

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