What Are Human Hair Wig Installation Skills

What does wig mean to us? Apparently it is our pursuit of beauty. It not only brings us outside gorgeous natural looking, but also gives us inside energy. Many women have become big fans of wig wearing, it has been integrated into our life gradually and become an indispensable existence. But how to let our human hair wig installation have a natural looking, not look fake, it really requires a lot skills. Hopefully the following tips will helpful for you.

human hair wig

Braiding your own hair up

Braiding your hair is a very necessary preparatory work before installing your wig. It will be a great help for protecting our own hair under the wig, and in case hair breakage or hair lossing. You don’t need to make your braid super neat. You know we just need to have enough braids to keep your wig on. Commonly used braiding method is doing cornrows.

Applying the stocking cap

Covering our braids with wig cap and installing the wig cap to make it look exactly like your scalp.

Which color you need to pick, testing out different wig cap colors firstly, light brown or medium brown, just in case you need to add concealer, powder or anything. If your lace is tinted correctly, also it goes well with the actual wig cap color. Light brown is a little light, try medium brown, it will turns out perfectly for the specific wig installation. Correct wig cap color will help you a lot to get a flawless base for moving forward.

Bleaching the knots on the inside of the lace

Optional, do or not according to your needs. This step will ensure that nobody find you wear a wig, they will think it is your own natural growing hair. Toning this wig to hide the obvious hair knots on the wig , dye/bleach the knots to make it look natural to match your skin tone, have it look more like your own skin, make it invisible, undetectable, flawless. A small tip, when bleaching, you can use a foam head before doing any type of color because it is easy to rinse off, never use the canvas.

Making up to match your skin

What we do is the foundation at the inside of the wig. If you don’t want to bleach the lace, we have a more easier way, like what we mention above, making up the lace by your powder or concealer, this will be more quick.

Plucking to have a more natural hairline

In order to let your hairline have a realistic and natural looking, tweezing the hair edge is very important step. Everyone’s hairline is different, plucking will make sure it is kind of suiting your hairline, Looking like it fades from my scalp. It will definitely eliminate that boxy feature of the lace, because not everyone has the same hairline. Customizing it to your preference as well as what looks good on you. The first thing that we will do is to part out that very front section of the frontal and do some slight plucking to it. Depending on the frontal, If it already comes thin so you don’t need to do much plucking, because you don’t want the hairline to start receding, you want to make it look natural but you don’t want to take off too much hair from the frontal. Keep on parting going further and further towards the back, please attention you guys, never over plucking, because there is a line between over plucking and making frontal look natural. If you pluck too much in one spot you will get bald spots, ensure you are plucking and moving in different places. Be gentle, do your best to avoid this bad situation happens. Taking a really good tweezer, this is important, the tweezer must to be really good nice and sharp. If it is dull, you are going to be plucking away for like hour.

Installing an elastic band

Install a band from ear to ear, if so you don’t have to glue your wig down every time, it fits perfectly and you can take it off at night. If you work out every day, you will need to wash the wig often. This glueless method will benefit you much.  

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