Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

When shopping for hair extensions, as with shopping for shoes, purses, or any other accessory, you can either get quality, or you can get so-called "value." You can opt for the one-size-fits-all suit, or the custom-tailored one, the bargain jewelry, or the real deal. And while there are certainly situations when economy-class is the right way to go, especially today, investing in your hair should not be one of them. Especially when it comes to buying hair extensions, you'll look better, feel better, and even save better by going with virgin Indian hair, instead of store-bought hair extensions.


Why? Well, simply put, cheap hair will cost more in the long run. Consider this: how long will your hair last? Will you be able to style it multiple different ways? Will you be able to remove and reuse it? If so, for how long? Hair that tears, mats, or even melts easily will need to be replaced more often - costing you more money. Store-bought hair extensions are notorious for tangling, matting together, and melting, leaving you unable to run your hand through them, because the strands are made of static-cling creating plastics.


Virgin Indian hair is 100% natural human hair; it will not melt or even burn easily when styled with curling irons, hot curlers, or blow dryers. Also, it is extremely thick and durable, as Indian hair is known to have some of the thickest hair cuticles in the world. This means the tresses can stand styling, as well as everyday wear, for much longer. Higher-end Indian hair can even last up to two years.


Additionally, "virgin" hair gets its name from its unprocessed status. This means that the locks you buy have not been treated with any chemicals that might irritate you or cause allergic reactions, saving you stress and possible doctor's bills. Virgin hair has no synthetic fillers, and is usually hand-inspected to make sure no imperfections pass through to you. Not so for most store-bought hair. The average package of hair extensions in a beauty supply store contains a high percentage of synthetic or even animal hair added for fullness and to maximize profit, even when the pack claims it is all natural. Potentially scalp-irritating synthetic strands are made from plastic and even fiberglass, and are often treated with chemicals that cause allergic rashes, hives, and even flu-like symptoms. So not only can virgin hair be cheaper, it can also be safer for you, in the long run.


Even more than that, it can be more beautiful and blend more naturally into your own hair. First, there is no question that human hair looks more natural. Its sheen, weight, and wide assortment of natural textures look more human simply because they are, and it moves more naturally, too, lifting and falling on the wind. The hand-crafted quality of virgin Indian hair guarantees this, as makers ensure that multiple hair lengths are included in each weft or package, replicating the way hair really grows. Synthetic or processed hair is usually one length, and can be stiff, moving as a unit instead of individually. Also it can usually only be applied in one or two ways, to prevent meltdowns. Indian hair, however, can be fused, strand-by-strand, sewn on in wefts, clipped on, or even glued on, without worrying about damage. This versatility means that your Indian hair extensions will not only look better, but can help create a greater variety of styles.


And, finally, virgin Indian hair can give you greater peace of mind, as the better hair retailers sell packs in which every strand of hair has been donated by the same woman, at her temple in India. Not only will you have a set of extensions that you know naturally go together and were given willingly, as an offering, you can also rest easy, realizing that a part of the proceeds from your purchase have gone to help a village and its temple.


However, best way to get virgin Indian hair is through a reputable dealer with connections straight to India; too many middlemen can often lead to damage, processing, and fillers being added. That's why the hair in beauty supply store is often so low-quality + the hair has been "watered down" in order to make higher profits. To make sure you're getting the best-quality product, search online for direct dealers that deliver to your area and have good business practices; look sellers up with the Better Business Bureau or other agencies, to make sure you're in good hands.


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