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Use Lace Wigs to For That Pretty Look

Use Lace Wigs to For That Pretty Look

November 21, 2019

The moment you get an invite for a retro theme costume party the excitement witnessed is unmatched! But generally, this happiness is short lived, as the idea of applying tons of hair gel strike is a big turn off! In such a situation, it is best to get the lace wigs rather than spoiling your beautiful tidy hair. The wigs are convenient to put on and help you save a lot of time to concentrate on other aspects of dressing up, makeup and accessories.

Wig Alterations

Most of these wigs are made from expensive human hair materials, such as Indian hair which can be treated with hair dryers, or blowers or even hair rollers and curlers. What's more, you can always make slight modifications to them.

If you bought a wig but now believe that it does not completely match up with your dress, then you can always use your choice of dye color to match it with the shade of your dress. You can even cut short the length of a wig if you find it too long to manage. You can even accessorize your wig with stylish hair accessories and clips.

Some tips for handling lace wigs

Since these wigs are expensive and not easy be substituted with new ones, it is important to follow certain tips while wearing lace wigs and also to keep them clean for as long as you wish to keep them. Below are some vital tips in this regard:

It is always advisable to use hair gels or oils before wearing them so as to prevent them from losing their original shape.

Preferably buy those wigs which come with elastics and ties, which make it very easy to wear them.

You could even make use of hair pins to stick them well.

Avoid exposing them to any hair chemicals or sprays, so as to prolong their durability.

After you have worn the wig, make sure to remove knots in the strands, or any other external dust particles that may have got collected in it.

Always remember to cover the wig with a cloth or a plastic bag when not in use.

Do not keep them next to or under any heavy objects, so as to prevent them from getting splotched.

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