Things Need to Know About How to Style Wigs

As a great protective style option, wigs can cover your natural hair from any potential damage like heat damage, dullness, or dry and brittle ends, while still giving you the freedom to experiment with all types of looks. In order to make your wig of its intended look and keep it looking its best, keep reading how to style a wig without ruining it.

The ultimate goal when styling a wig is to make it look like it could be your real hair or hope them looks as natural as possible. So what exactly does making a wig look natural entail? It depends on the types of your wigs.

1. Customize Wig According To Materials

For human hair wigs, there are more options when it comes to styling your hair. For example, you can treat these wigs like you would your own hair. Of course, you had better spritz a heat-protectant spray on your wigs before using any hot tools. Besides, we also recommend removing your wig while you sleep and placing it on a wig head or laying it flat in a silk or satin bag to keep your style intact for longer.

2. Brush Wigs With Right Tool Before Styling

First of all, you want to make sure that there are not any knots and tangles on your wig. When trying new wig styles, always use wig brushes and wig combs instead of regular brushes designed for natural hair. That is because wig brushes and wig combs are designed with softer rounded bristles and can ensure that the fibers are not dragged when detangling your wig.

 It’s important to note that synthetic wigs with a wavy or curly style should avoid combs and brushes as these could permanently disrupt the curls and cause a frizzy look. Nothing is better than a gentle shake and a careful separation of the curls with your fingers.

 3. Style Wig When It is Dry

Whether you’ve just washed your wig or applied some wet styling products, always wait for your wig to dry before you use any styling tools. After all, the weight of the water in your wig can stretch the wig fibers or ruin your wig style, particularly with curly wigs, where curls may straighten as a result.

4. Style Your Wig On Your Head

Styling your wig while on your head allows you to perfect your style and lets you see how the wig frames your face shape as you style. It is also a useful tip if you wish to cut your wig so that it can be tailored to your face shape.

5. Try Full Lace Wig Or Lace Front Wigs

In order to achieve the most natural look, we suggest you can try a high-quality full lace wig. After all, the base of the full lace human hair wig is made up of lace and it can mimic the look of your scalp. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the tracks underneath showing and can wear it in any way your heart desires.

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