The Lace Frontal Wigs Guide for Wig Beginners

For many wig beginners, choosing a suitable human hair wig is a difficult thing, there are so many different wigs, they don’t have much knowledge on hair wigs, while if you choose a correct hair wig, it can take you a very natural and wonderful look, to make sure you all can get to know about this easily, today let us show you the guide on one kind of hair wig- lace frontal wig.

What is a lace frontal wig?

When we talking about the lace frontal wig, most common one is 13*4 and 13*6 lace frontal wig, this kind of hair wig usually have a big lace in frontal part of the hair wig, the lace could be middle brown swiss lace, transparent lace, even HD lace, due to this characteristic, lace frontal wig own a big advantage, you can use the lace part freely to make a middle part or side part look. The glueless look can also be achieved by this hair wig. Lace frontal wig now is one of best selling human hair wig in Ishow hair website. Many customers choose this wig, it has different style options, like straight, body wave, loose deep wave, deep wave, loose wave,curly, water wave, yaki straight, you can choose the style as your like, we highly recommend straight, body wave and loose deep wave three kinds to wig beginners.

How to install a lace frontal wig?

At first, let us prepare some basic tools, there are five things required, it is wig cap, wide tooth brush, scissors, tweezers and flat iron. Now pick up your hair wig, follow next these steps. First step, to make the installment more convenient, tie up all your hair, then wear a wig cap, flesh-colored wig cap is great, if you choose a swiss lace hair wig,you also need to compare the lace color with your skin color, make sure the lace can melt your skin well, during this process, if lace color is darker for you, you can bleach it, if it is lighter, use your foundation to adjust this. If you have enough budget, we recommend HD lace frontal wig, you don’t need have to do these extra things. Second step, put the hair wig on your head, use the adjustable straps to adjust the wig size, make it more suitable, then use your brush, part your hair, make a middle or side part, use the tweezers to move some hair, make your split up line clearly. Third step, use scissors cut extra front lace part, use some loose powder on hairline part, make the hair wig melt with your skin better, then use some short hair modify your hair edge. Last step, using flat iron to restyle your hair wig, style it into a wavy look or just straighten it. After all these, you can use some setting spray, make your hair style lasting long time.

All in all, hope this guide is useful for these wig beginners, after reading this, you must have some basic information on lace frontal wig, Ishow hair 3rd Anniversary Big Promotion going, catch this chance, choose some beautiful hair wig for yourself.

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