The 4 Best Do’s to Protect Your Remy Human Hair Weaves

Remy human hair weaves are protective hairstyles, yes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain or protect them! You could easily lose your edges if you’re not careful, and the most common way this happens is when you don’t protect your leave out.

That’s right – when you use a weave with left out hair (whether around the whole perimeter or just in front) you probably need to manipulate that hair so it matches your extensions perfectly. That could mean curling your hair constantly for that perfect curl pattern, or mercilessly pressing them down with a flat iron for that straight as an arrow look. Whatever you do, it leaves your hair a little stressed.

So how do you avoid that stress? Well, you can use some of the hairdo’s mentioned below to give your hair weave a bit of a break.

Braid or Twist your Hair

A good way to protect your leave out is by braiding or twisting it. Style your leave out right into the hair weave using a fashionable twist or braid. Whether you do one braid on each side or style a braid across the top of the forehead, you’ll be able to protect your leave out from the harsh elements.

The best part?

This hairstyle takes little more than 5 minutes to achieve!

Use a Frontal or Closure

There’s nothing like a lace closure or front to give you that polished look, even when you haven’t left any hair out! Frontals and closures make it look like your natural hairline is out on display even when your hair is actually tucked away neatly beneath your weave. This seamless application works no matter what way you want to style your hair.

Frontals are applied from one ear to another across the whole hairline, while a closure will typically sit on the topmost part of your scalp. Both closures and frontals are easy to remove and install over and over again, which comes in handy when you need to moisturize or wash your hair. That said, it’s best to have your favorite stylist install and remove these for a flawless look.

Wear a Headband

A headband, turban or scarf is one of the cutest ways you can protect your leave out from harsh elements like humidity, cold temperatures or heavy winds – all of which can leave your natural hair leave broken or brittle. Break out those YouTube instructional videos that show you twenty different ways to stylishly but easily tie a head wrap.

Don’t Leave Out So Much Hair!

As beautiful as your natural hair is, you don’t need to leave so much of it out! The less you leave out, the more easily you can protect your natural hair. Leave out just about enough hair to cover up evidence of a weave and no more than that. Your hair will thank you!

Keep your natural hair well protected when wearing a Virgin Remy human hair weave, especially your leave out!


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