Taking Care of Your Human Hair Wig

Regardless of the price, human hair wigs are better options than synthetic wigs. They are more durable and more natural in appearance. Wig wearers consider these hair pieces investments. That's why these wigs should be taken care of properly. Caring for a human hair wig is different from caring for natural hair.

Before you start treating your human hair wig, you should prepare the necessary materials first. The things you need are a wig cap, wig pick, wig stand, and wig setting spray. You would also be using wig shampoo and conditioner, hot rollers or curling irons, and a clean towel. You can purchase these things from the local wig store where you got the piece.

The proper care of wigs whether of the human hair variety starts with you. Always make sure that your own hair is clean before wearing a wig. The natural oils of the scalp and hair might degrade the quality of the hair accessory. To prevent this from happening, you should wear a wig cap underneath the hair piece.

Unlike regular hair that needs to be washed often, a wig should only be washed every sixth usage or so. The process of washing begins with the untangling of the strands using the wig pick. This must be done gently to avoid breakage. Afterwards, you should massage the wig with the shampoo and rinse it out with lukewarm water. Human hair wigs are sensitive so you should avoid overdoing the massage.

Using conditioner is also advisable to soften the strands of the wig. Once all the washing is done, the proper drying techniques should be followed. You might want to blot the wig with a towel or just hang it on the wig stand to dry naturally. Drying through heat should generally be avoided, but there are some pieces like those from the New Born Free wigs collection that can withstand the heat.

Once your human hair wig is already dry, you can brush and style it in whatever way you want. A wig setting spray allows the wig to hold a particular style, as well as give it a glossy and natural look. You should look at online wig shops if you want to purchase a setting spray of good quality.

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