Something You Need to Know About Short Hair Wig

Speaking of short hair wig, what kind of hair wig will show up in your mind? Bob hair wig or others. Now short hair wig play an more and more important role during hair market, many girls love this kind of wig much than long one due to it’s great characteristics, today let us show you all many different characteristics about short hair wig.

1 Different color choices on short hair wig

Now there are eight major color choices available in Ishow hair website, they are natural black color, 613 blonde color, p4/27 honey blonde highlight color, P4/30, P1B/30, ginger color 27 color and 99j burgundy color, among these colors, the first three colors are more best selling in our store, especially p4/27 honey blonde highlight color, if it is your first time try short hair wig, we recommend natural black color and p4/27 honey blonde highlight color. These two color hair wigs are more easy to maintain and restyle.

2 Different wig types on short hair wig

Talking about short hair wig, the first one you will think about maybe bob style hair wig, bob hair wig is one representative of short hair wig, it has three different types, lace frontal, lace closure and T lace part. For many young girls, bob hair wig is great choice, it can make their look more cute and fashion. Expect bob hair wig, there are also finger wave hair wig, pixie cut hair wig, afro curly wavy hair wig. These three short hair wigs are machine made  hair wig and T lace side part hair wig which are difficult to restyle. If you want restyle your wig into other different looks, we advise you still take bob hair wig.

3 Different wig length and density on on short hair wig

For short bob style hair wig, usually there are 8-14 inch four length options, and for other styles short hair wig, there is no length option in our website, if you want choose and try different length short hair wig, bob hair wig will be a better choice.

And about wig density, all these short hair wig in our store are 150 density , it is our best selling density, if you want higher density, we support customize hair wig service.

4 Differences between long hair wig and short hair wig

When talking about the differences between these two, hair length must be their essential difference, short hair wig length usually is 8-16 inch, all longer length hair wig can be considered as long hair wig. For some people, long hair wig price may over their budget, short hair wig price usually is more affordable, if your budget is low than 100 dollars, short hair wig will be a better choice for you. Also these two kinds of hair wig can take a total different look, long hair wig usually can take a elegant and intellectual look, while short one can make you looks more young and cute.

Now Ishow hair short hair wig all are on flash sale, if you look for a great human hair wig for back to school look, our hair wig will very suit for you.