Something You Need to Know About Hair Wig

Nowdays, as hair market expand, more and more hair products show up, among these, human hair wig take a more and more important role, many people choose wigs, rather than hair bundles to finish their look, if you have interested with hair wig, you need to know somethings before you choose one, here are some important factors you can focus on.

1 Wig texture

For hair wig textures, there are many different options you can choose, Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair,Peruvian Hair,Indian Hair.

2 Wig type

Lace frontal wig(mainly 13*4 size ,13*6 size and 360 size)

Lace closure wig(4*4 size)

Short bob wig

Machine made wig with bangs

Full lace wig

T lace hair wig

U part hair wig

3 Wig length

For some long inch hair wig, it is 8-26 inch available, and for bob wig, it is mainly 8-14 inch, different length options, you can choose any length you want.

4 Wig density

The hair wig density means the fullness of hair wig, mainly in these density, 150 density, 180 density, 200 density, 250 density, higher number it is, fuller the wig it is. You can choose one wig as your like.

Beauty, now Ishow hair 2nd Anniversary Carnival Sale going on,you can check these factors, choose one suitable wig during this time.

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