Quick And Easy Way To Make Lace Closure Wig

Hair wigs get more and more popular in hair market, many people choose to order a hair wig to finish their look, if you still new to hair wig, you can also choose hair bundles with lace closure, then finish your wig yourself, today let us show you one quick and easy to make a lace closure wig.

All you need are three or four hair bundles,a 4*4 lace closure, a mannequin head, wig cap, hot glue gun.

Firstly, prepare a mannequin head, you can put a plastic bag in the head, then put wig cap, it makes your wig more clean.

Secondly, let us move to weave lace closure part, use some little pins to set your lace closure, then you can weave it in frontal part of wig cap

Thirdly, let us move to highlight part, you can cut your hair bundles into some pieces according your need, then use hot glue gun, smear some glue on wig cap, after that, stick hair pieces by pieces in wig cap, unit there is no blank part, when you do this, please be careful, avoid that the glue stick in hair. After all these, a normal lace closure wig has been made.

Fourthly, you can make a middle part hairline as your like, after that, you also consider use flat iron to style your hair wig.

More details on how to make lace closure hair wig, please check Ishow hair Youtube channel

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