New Product- Two Fashion Color Hair Wigs

Recently, in big human hair wigs market,color hair wigs has been a fashion trend, many black women choose a color hair wig to finish their look, this kind of wig can bring them more freshness and confidence in winter. Among these hair wigs, the highlight and ombre color hair wigs are the most popular. Today let us introduce two new fashion color hair wigs in Ishow hair store.

What is color hair wig?

Except natural black color hair wig, there are so many different kinds of hair wigs can be considered as color hair wig. Let us show you all some basic color hair wig styles, first, pure color hair wig, this kind of wig only own one kind of color, but it is not natural black color , it could be 613 blonde, 99 burgundy, ginger orange, brown color and others. Second, ombre color hair wig, this kind of wig need to mix at least two kind of colors, like two tone color hair, three tone color hair, and piano color hair, people can mix any color they want, it is more free.

New product one: Blonde and black color human lace frontal wig

Talking this hair wig, some customers may have a similar feeling, yeah, this wig color construction is similar with our hot selling ginger blonde hair wig, both two hair wigs have two locks of 613 blonde color hair in frontal part,  this wig other part is natural black color, this one can take you a totally different feeling, it can let you own elegance and individuality beauty at same time. Also, it is a 13*4 HD lace frontal wig, a big lace part, you can style it into a middle or side part look freely, now we provide 10-30 inch length with this wig, and two hair styles, body wave and straight one, body wave is the one we more recommend, can make you more charming.

New product two: Honey blonde highlights body wave hair wig

This wig is different with our p4/27 color hair wig, it mix color 6 and 27 one time, the whole hair wig looks more brown, a beautiful highlight hair wig, you don’t need have to dye the hair wig yourself, then you can own a great colored hair wig, help you lose more trouble. About the hair wig length, it is also 10-30 inch available, and three different wig types are available with this wig, 4"x4" Lace Closure, 5"x 5" Lace Closure and 13"x 4" Lace Frontal, and body wave hair style, it is suitable choice for Christmas and New Year parties, can help you attract more attentions.

After reading this blog, did you get to know these two fashion hair wigs? Did you have any idea what color wig do you want? We believe you may have some thoughts on this, so, don’t be afraid, just have a try, any confusion, just contact us, we will fix it for you. Ishow hair Christmas promotion still going on, it is a great chance to get a beautiful color hair wig.