New Product- HD Lace Hair Wig

As hair market expand rapidly, there are some different new hair product show up.HD lace hair wig  attracted a lot of interest as soon as it appeared. Talking about HD lace hair wig, what do you think of? great quality lace part or other. If you have interest with this new fashion hair wig, please follow us, let us show you all some details on HD lace hair wig.

What is HD lace hair wig?

HD lace hair wig is a new kind hair wig which based on high quality HD lace part, this kind of lace is more invisible and undetectable than normal swiss lace, it can meet different color skin easily, it can make your look more real. And HD lace hair wig is good quality human virgin hair wig, you can style different look with this hair wig.

Here are some different features about HD lace hair wig

Feature one wig type

13*4 lace frontal wig, 13*6 lace frontal wig, 13*6*1 T lace part hair, these three hair types are available with HD lace hair wig.

Feature two color

Mainly on natural black color and 613 blonde color, if you want other color hair wig, we support the customize hair wig.

Feature three hair wig texture

Brazilian Hair/Malaysian Hair/Peruvian Hair/Indian Hair

Straight, body wave, loose deep, loose wave , deep wave and water wave six options. Among all these, straight and loose deep two styles are more best selling in our website.

Feature four length

For all these hair wigs, we provide 8 inch-28inch length options.There are different length options, you can choose as your like.

Feature five wig density

There are three different wig density available on HD lace hair wig , 150, 180 and 200. 150 density is normal density,and 180 and 200 is high density, if you want a very full look, we advise 200 density one.

After reading these five features, we believe you all must have a basic understanding about HD lace hair wig.

Next let us show some differences on HD lace hair wig and normal swiss lace hair wig, you can learn more details, hope it can help you find a great and suitable hair wig.

Both two hair wig are human virgin hair wig, great quality 10a hair wig, it can be bleached and dyed, you can also restyle them easily, make natural hairline. The big difference between these two hair wigs is lace part. Compared with swiss lace hair wig, HD lace hair wig can provide you a more real look. HD lace is thinner than swiss lace, also color is lighter, it can melt with the skin closely, but for swiss lace, usually it is middle brown color, sometimes, the lace color may not suitable for your skin, it may darker than your own skin color, you need to bleach the lace part in advance before you install hair wig. If you choose HD lace hair wig, the installment work will get easier.

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