New Product- Fashion Short Bob Wig

Hello, everybody, recently as the weather get higher and higher, are you feeling the spring has come? In the fresh and warm spring, some people may get tried with the long hair, want a more cute and refreshing hair style, if you are still look for this kind of hair, please follow our step, let us introduce the fashion short bob hair wig to you.

What is short bob hair wig?

The short bob hair wig is a one kind of classic wig type, it characterize with short length and neat end part hair, the length usually reach the shoulder part, also it is easy to install, can take you a more active and cute look.

Feature one wig type

There are many different bob wig types, it is T lace part, 4*4 lace closure, 13*4 lace frontal and machine made, less lace part it is, the price will be more cheap. Among all these wig types, T lace part  bob wig is more best selling one, it come with a middle hairline, very natural and beautiful.

Feature two color

We have various color choices, it is natural black, p4/27 highlight, 613 blonde, ginger, 99J red, ombre black ginger, P4/30, P1B/30

Ombre T1B/4/27, ombre P4/27/613 these ten colors. You can choose the color as your like and need, if you could not find the color you want online, please send message or email to us, we will provide the free customize wig service.

Feature three hair wig texture

We have four textures, it is Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair,Peruvian Hair and Indian Hair.

Feature four hair wig style

The straight, body wave, finger wave, deep wave, curly, pixie cut straight, pixie cut curly, Afro curly, these eight hair styles are available in our website. And straight, body wave, deep wave and curly are our four main push hair wig texture, many customers love it. If you look for a new hair wig in spring, we advise the straight or deep wave style, it is easy to restyle, you can also dye and bleach it into other colors.

Feature five length

Now for short bob hair wig, it is 8-16 inch available, these lengths are all hot selling for short hair. If you are first time try bob hair wig, we advise the 10 or 12 inch length.

Feature six wig density

We have 150 and 180 two wig density for bob hair wig, and many people love the 150 density mostly, it is full enough to make a natural and beautiful look.

We have showed six basic wig information about the short bob hair wig, after checking this, do you all get to know about this hair wig? We believe most of you may catch some knowledge.

Ishow hair Tax Return Season sale still going on, the short bob hair wig on sale, and it’s price is nice compare with other hair wigs, if you want to try some new hair style, you can consider get one during the sale.

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