Magic World of Indian Remy Human Hair

Women who watch the afternoon TV shows are left spell bound with breathtaking beauties, like Ava Gardner, Sally Field or Cristal Campbell who flaunt their long straight black hair. Imagine the loose locks of Angela Basset, or the regally knotted hair of the high school teacher Aisha Hinds, or the chic looks of Halley Berry. Dark ebony black hair seems to be the most popular natural look. The exact same look can be obtained by anyone with the help of Indian Remy Human Hair.


Many looks are turned, and glances exchanged amongst friends as a gorgeous, long ebony haired woman passes by in a street or restaurant. These days ample hair locks are hard to find as women find less and less time to get ready for work and prefer a short hair style. Often many of the busy office going, professionals' wonder if it takes a lot of preparation to get that professionally done hair' look for longer hair?


The alternative is quite simple. The Diva type hair is simply achieved with a simple solution -Indian Remy Hair. India is a land of beautiful women with an ancient history of hair adornment and ornamentation. It is only in India that one finds the classical dancers' adorning their long plaits with flower garlands or even golden ornaments. The elegance of these hair styles is legendary.


Indian Remy Hair is termed as virgin hair because it is obtained from hair offered by the young girls to the Tirupati temple. It is one of the richest temples in the world and traditionally south Indian girls offer their soft tresses to the temple. This hair is then naturally treated and tied into hair supplements or extensions which are exported all over the world.


If at all any one wonders why only Indian hair is popular. It is because it is soft and thin and available in straight as well as curly forms. The hair extensions are also stronger and the hair does not break easily and lasts long.


The Indian Remy Human Hair has a fascinating origin. They offer a hair supplement that is almost in its natural state. Many a times it is referred to as - an untouched, non-chemically treated virgin hair. These hair supplements undergo only a gentle steaming treatment and are given classic Indian shapes. For example the s-shaped snake wave has a lot of demand.


It is offered in three types-silky straight, soft, wavy or luxuriously curly types. In order to get that special celebrity look; it is naturally available in black, brown or ebony colors. However, it can be colored or retouched in any color of the customer's choice. There is also a lot of attention paid to quality. Spilt ends or broken segments of hair are not found. No other chemical is applied except for gentle steaming and brushing process and the hair cuticles remain healthy in texture.