Learn How To Custom Color Human Hair Wigs At Home

When it comes to wigs, people often think of three kinds of people. One is the old women in ancient times. They often made the long hair cut by young women into buns and put them on their own hair that is falling out. The second type is bald people, who use wigs to cover up the shortcomings of their heads. The third type is entertainers, who often use a variety of wigs to change their styles.


In fact, human beings have a long history of using wigs, both ancient and modern, both at home and abroad, and the function of wigs is not just to hide ugliness. Many people use wigs to make up themselves. Imagine how convenient and interesting it is to be able to create thousands of styles and styles without having to cut, iron, and dye.


In the past, most people wore wigs because of severe hair loss or baldness, but now they are not. More and more people use wigs to make up themselves and enjoy the fun of changing their heads. In fact, the reason why human hair wigs are favored by people does have their advantages.

How to choose the color of the wig?

The more common ones are black, brown, millet, yellow, wine red and so on. There are many other colors in the market, and more colors are made of chemical fiber wigs. You can choose according to your skin color. How to judge your skin color to choose a wig that suits you!

  1. Warm white skin tone

Suitable wig hair color: Most colors are suitable, such as light brown, black, and dull blue.

People with warm white skin are better at matching colors. Compared with cold white skin, they have more choices when choosing hair color. You can try foggy yellow, light brown, black, dull blue, and various trendy colors.

  1. Yellow skin color

Suitable wig hair colors: chestnut, darker brown, black and red.

People with yellow skin can choose darker browns or blacks and reds in their hair color choices, which will set off your skin to look fairer and more complex.

  1. Darker skin tone

Suitable wig hair color: golden, light brown or bright color.

Because the skin tone is dark, use bright colors as much as possible, and the highlighting effect is better, but it should be noted that the highlight color is preferably light brown


Set the wig:

  1. First put the elastic side of the hairnet down and the other end up.
  2. Press the side with the elastic band on your hairline, do not let your real hair lotion run out, and lift up on the other side and spread your hair in the hairnet to avoid unevenness after wearing the wig .
  3. After the hair is evenly spread on the inside of the hairnet, just put the uppermost opening on the head, no special fixing is required. : Wear the wig from front to back, and then adjust it. There are two size adjustment buckles on the inside and back. There is a cloth strip in the middle of the two buckles. There are several small grids on the cloth strip. Please adjust the buckles according to the size of your head. Just go in.
  4. You can make bangs at will. : Find two small protrusions on the temples. This is to check whether the position of the wig is correct, pinch it with your thumb and index finger, pull it down and adjust the position of the wig appropriately.
  5. After wearing, you can grab the top of the wig a few times to make it fluffy.


Start the process of dyeing:

  1. Preparation before dyeing

1) Preparation supplies: long strips of cotton, dye cream, brushes, gloves, cloth for dyeing hair.

2) Stir the dye evenly, and mix the dye paste for household use at a ratio of 1:1, or mix it according to the product instructions.

3) Divide the hair into 5 areas and fix them with long hairpins.

Dyeing sequence: the dyeing sequence of the entire zone is from bottom to top; the dyeing sequence of each piece of hair is the tip first and then the root.


  1. Five steps and skills for dyeing hair at home

1) Reserve 1.5 mm of hair roots, start from below the occipital bone, take a small rub parallel hair piece, hold it with one hand, and use a brush with the other hand to brush the color repeatedly, brush it through, and then rub it with your hand Hair piece, so that the hair dye can fully wrap each strand of hair.

2) Put a long piece of cotton under the hair piece and gently press it on with your hair to prevent the scalp from being stained by the dye. Then apply another layer of hair dye on the outside of the hair piece.

3) First operate from the posterior and lower area of ​​the occipital bone, then operate the upper two areas, and finally operate the two areas on the top of the head.

4) After all operations are completed, wait for 20 minutes. Be careful not to heat. One of the consequences of heating is uneven heat, resulting in mottled colors, and the other is a health and safety issue. Although there is no conclusion about whether hair dye is harmful to health, it is still important to prevent it, because the skin under high temperature Opening the pores makes it easier for harmful substances to invade.

5) Hair root dyeing. Wait 20 to 30 minutes. Start from the roots of the hair and apply the dye again, so that every strand of the entire hair should be brushed. The sequence is still in accordance with step 3.


In order to prevent uneven color, you need to pay attention to these two points during operation

One is that the thickness of each hair piece does not exceed 2 mm. Fully massage the hair piece so that the dye is fully absorbed.


The other is to paint 1.5 cm from the root of the hair, and then brush the hair piece from beginning to end after 20 minutes. Because the temperature of the hair roots is relatively high, the first coloring starts from the roots, the color of the roots will be lighter than other parts of the color.

In Conclusion

Wearing a wig gives you such flexibility. You will be fine and organized within the work environment or master setting and after that, you will strike in the evening at the club. Around the same time! Deciding to choose a pair of individual hairstyles and after a while, you can hide as much as you want and add the pleasure of changing the design around you whenever you want. For more information about dying and hairstyling, visit Ishowbeauty.com