Lace Hair Wig VS Machine Made Hair Wig, Which One You Prefer

Nowadays, human hair wig get more and more popular due to it’s characteristics, like natural hair look and easily installment. And, for many black women, lace hair wig is more familiar than machine made hair wig, and these two wigs both are great quality,if you have interest with these two kinds of hair wigs, please follow us, show more information to you, then choose one you prefer.

Similarities between lace hair wig and machine made hair wig

Both two hair wigs are human virgin hair wig, it used young girl hair to made, so it can be dyed & permed & bleached, with good care, no shed and tangle. Also different hair length, styles, textures and color are available for both two wigs.

Differences between lace hair wig and machine made hair wig

Lace hair wig styles: lace frontal wig, lace closure wig,360 lace frontal wig, T lace hair wig, full lace hair wig

Lace hair wig characteristics: the wig inside have different size lace part, like 13*4 inch, 4*4 inch and so on, so it can take a more convenient wear feeling, also you can style middle part, side part hairline.

Machine made hair wig styles: machine made hair wig with bangs, U part half wig, finger wave hair wig, pixie hair wig

Machine made hair wig characteristics: this kind of wig inside has no lace, it is a whole wig cap, some wigs some with natural hair bangs, this wig price is more affordable than lace wig.

Ishow hair back to school sale go on, both two kinds of wigs are on sale, hope these information useful for you, you can choose one you prefer.

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