Lace Frontal Wig VS Headband Hair Wig

Recently, a new kind of hair wig- headband hair wig show up in hair market, many black women are not familiar with this kind of hair wig, they are confused between lace frontal wig and headband hair wig, which one is better option for them to finish their natural look. Today let us show more details on these two kinds of hair wigs.

Similarities between lace frontal wig and headband hair wig

These two hair wigs are both great quality human virgin hair wig, take raw human hair as materials, both two are easy to install, wig beginners also can wear it by themselves, also can achieve the flawless look, take a very natural and beautiful look.

Differences between lace frontal wig and headband hair wig

The big difference between on these two hair wigs is lace part size, for lace frontal wig, typically it own a 13*4 size lace frontal or 13*6 size lace frontal, while the new product headband hair wig, it is a machine made hair wig, it don’t have lace on wig cap, and it come with a natural black headband on frontal of hair wig,we also will send a extra beautiful and colorful headband gift. The customers can use it to make their installment more great.

For lace frontal wig, it own more color option, like natural black color and best selling- p4/27 color, for headband hair wig, now it is only natural black color option.

About other differences between on these two hair wigs, headband hair wig price is more  cheap, if you want affordable hair wig, you can consider this new hair wig.

Ishow hair Black Friday sale go on, both two kinds of wigs are on sale, hope these information useful for you, you can choose a more suitable wig.