Lace Closure Wig VS Lace Front Wig

Many new customers come to Ishow Hair would have many questions with lace wigs: Lace closure wig and Lace front wig, which one is better? How do I choose the one fits me? Which one can do a more natural hairstyle? If you also have these doubts, continue to browse this blog.

1. Same points between lace closure wigand Lace front wig

  •  They both are lace base wigs, which are very light and have highly breathable, even when wearing in hot summer, we can still feel the comfortable.


  • They all are made by 100% human hair that have top quality. Their hairline and baby hair can bring us a very natural hairstyle.

2. Different points between lace closure wigand lace front wig


  • Lace size is different. The lace part of lace closure wig is 4 inch by 4 inch, lace front wig is 13 inch by 4 inch.


  • Lace front wig can bring more versatility on hairstyles and hair installation.It can do pull up and ponytail, which lace closure wig can not do.


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