Ishow Hair Back to School Sale in 2022

Time so fast, can you believe this? Now it is August, as August coming, many people will back to school, start their new semester. Before that, many girls will get some preparation, like buy some new clothes, new study tools, it is also including get a new hair, which can make your back to school look more charming and beautiful. To do a favor, Ishow hair has started the back to school sale since today, let us introduce some details

Ishow Hair Back To School Sale Time

We start this sale in 8/3, it will last through whole August, if you have some needs, welcome to Ishow hair site, find out the hair you want, you can also contact our servicer, tell us what you want, we can check and recommend some suitable hair to you.

Ishow Hair Back To School Sale Discounts Details

Unlimited 8% off available on all hair products with code S8

CODE: BC30, Save $30 Over $199

CODE:  BC40, Save $40 Over $299

CODE:  BC50, Save $40 Over $399

And two clearance sale still going on during this month.

HD Lace Front Wigs Clearance Sale: 12% Off, Code: SU12

Highlight Wigs Clearance Sale: 15% Off, Code: SU15

Two Highly Recommend Hair For Back To School

1 Short bob human hair wig

Bob style hair wig is one kind of suitable hair option for many students, first, the price is nice for low budget students, with 56.7 dollars, you can get one wig, second, the bob wig style can make your look more young and active. We have 8-14 inch bob wig, two density option, 150 and 180, also various style, straight, curly, deep wave and body wave. There are different color options, if you get tried with natural black color, we believe highlight p4/27, 99j Burgundy and ginger these three colors will be great for you.

2 Skunk stripe human hair wig

Many young people look for some unique look, they want some colored hair, but there are also some limit from their school and parents, so here we like recommend the skunk stripe hair wig to you all. For this kind of hair wig, there are only pieces hair in color, not whole hair wig, it can make your look different with other people, but not too flamboyant. We have many color options, you can choose the one you really interested, like skunk stripe blonde & black color, brown/pink color, 1b/red color, 1b/green color, ginger blonde color and p1b/gray color. For wig newer, we would like recommend our best selling one-ginger blonde color hair wig.

Ishow hair Back to school sale has started, if you look for some new hair, this sale is a great chance, any need, just contact us.

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