Is Glueless Wig Easy to Fall Off ?

For people who often wear wigs or who has sensitive skin, whether the wig will damage hairline and skin is a big concern, because the wigs need installed by glue to make sure they won’t fall out. Under this situation, we will be needing the Glueless wig, which doesn’t need any glue to install and remove. Now you wanna ask, if I wear glueless wig, is it easy to fall off ? Read this article and you’ll find the answer.

What is Glueless Wig ?

As the name suggests, the glueless wig is the wig that needn’t help of glue to install. Normally there is an elastic band sewed behind the ear part to secure wig won’t move or fall from head. And the band is adjustable, there also are combs & clips inside, thus people can adjust the size to make sure it won’t too tight or loose.

Will Glueless Wig Falls Off?

Although the glueless wig doesn’t use glue to secure wig, it doesn’t mean the wig will fall off easily. Ishow Glueless Wig not only has elastic band inside, it also has two adjustable straps and three combs, these little things can secure wig well even you are in high speed movement or meet strong wind.

Before wear the wig, you can braid your own hair at first, then insert inside combs into the braids, which will help to hold the wig stably better.

What’s the Benefit of Glueless Wig?

- As you don’t need to apply glue on the wig, it’s very easy to wear and remove, can bring great convenience on a lazy day or when time runs out.

- You can take glueless wig every night when sleeping, then your natural hair and hair scalp will have enough time and space to breathe and relax.

- As it’s easy to remove, you can change different glueless wigs frequently in daily life, it help you create gorgeous hairstyles effortlessly.

-Glue is one of the main factors that cause skin discomfort, especially for girls who have sensitive skin. Chemicals in wig tape and wig glue may cause skin allergy. But good-quality glueless wigs can help you skip the glue step and help add comfort. It is very safe for your scalp and hair, and it will not cause any damage to your hairline.

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