How to Wear Your Halloween Wig the Right Way

Costume parties are some of the most enjoyable parties there is because they elicit creativity and draw out a person's individuality. There are several factors that would make you the darling of the party, but one of the things that you should put more effort on is the costume wig that you would be wearing. Wigs used during costume parties such as a Halloween wig is very important. Imagine how your total witch appearance would look like if you have all the makeup, props, and the best costume there is, but you are wearing your natural hair without the slightest effort to get that type casted look of an old hag with bulky and messy hair. Aside from getting a nice Halloween wig, you should also learn how to wear it properly to ensure that the costume wig would not fall off in the middle of the party and embarrass you. To ensure uninterrupted and worry-free partying all night, take these following tips when wearing your Halloween wig:

Before you purchase a costume wig, try it on to ensure that it fits perfectly on you. If you are buying from an online shop, check out the measurement and fit recommendations of the Halloween wig. If you cannot get the exact fit of your desired wig, you can wear a wig cap beneath the hairpiece to tuck all your hair and loose ends and also to achieve a tighter hairpiece fit.

Before you put on your hairpiece, prepare your hair to achieve that perfect fit and desired appearance. Pull loose hair strands away from your face. Tuck your hair by putting your hair on a ponytail at the base of your neck then pin it to the back of your head with wig pins or ordinary bobby pins. Check for any loose hair on your bangs or at the sides of your head and pin them to the top of your head. When all your natural hair is already tucked in, you can now wear your wig cap in preparation for your Halloween wig.

Bow your head then starting from your forehead, put on your costume wig. Hold the wig to your forehead with one hand as you continue to slide down the hairpiece down to the back of your head with your other hand. Check all your head sides to ensure that none of your natural hair is showing.

Once your Halloween wig is already in place, shake your head to check if the wig fits perfectly on you. If the hair piece feels loose, tape it to your wig cap.

When your costume wig is already in place, put on your make up to achieve your desired Halloween look. Use a foundation to keep your make up on for a longer time. Make sure that you use appropriate make up tints and shades to compliment the color of your artificial hair. It is important for you to put your Halloween wig first before you apply your make up to avoid smears.

You can enhance the style of the costume wig by brushing the Halloween wig lightly. You have to be careful in restyling wigs because some wigs are not fit for hard styling. You can use cold curlers and hair spray to restyle or improve your hairpiece. For a more convincing Halloween look, you can contact a professional hairstylist.