How To Wash Your Own Hair for Healthier

Hair-washing seems a very easy thing, everyone knows everything how to do it. When we would like to wash our human hair, we just do so, rarely of us think more about it. You think you may have known everything, or you may not have known everything. Hope you find the following informative, learn some new things from something very common to expand your horizons when it comes to wash your own hair or human hair wig.

What’s the best option of water temperature to wash your hair wet

How do you think? Cold, hot, extremely hot, lukewarm. To pick what’s the best you think, the correct answer is lukewarm, washing your hair with lukewarm water. Many may be confused, why we can’t wash with cold water, we heard that it will make your hair shinier and healthier. Have to say that washing your hair with cold water is such a bad thing, never do it unless you want to make yourself miserable in the morning or at night and suffer a headache. So remember, no matter when you end up washing your hair, stop washing your hair with cold water. Because the warm water will help to open up your hair cuticle a bit wider, it will release the dirt easier and cleanse your hair deeply.

How harsh or how gentle you should be washing your hair

Guess it. It is no doubt that we should wash the human hair gently. A lot of people prefer to scrub, we know it feels good, but this wrong method will get your hair tangled and matted easily. We will end up roughing up the cuticle way too much, it will cause hair loss that you shouldn’t have.

Gently rub your head side to side motions, not round motions. Round motions will tangle your hair. Side to side is best, be a little bit gentler. You don't need to go like extremely gently, you can go in with your finger not your fingernails. Using fingernails feel great but it ruin your hair, may scratch your scalp.

How often should we be washing our hair again

Some wash their hair every day, others once a week. Once a week would be pretty good, perfect amount of time to have a little bit of oil secretion and not dry your hair too much for your scalp to be moisturized. Everyone has their own shampooing routines. It is not exactly to say washing your hair every day is the greatest thing however there are people out there who have extremely oily hair, that is usually because they have a dependency on shampoo, they have grown up washing hair every single day. Washing hair once a week, when it gets oily, using a natural bristle brush from the scalp to the ends and brush it through. You also can use dry shampoo to help combat the oils in your hair.

Which parts of your hair should you be washed

Your scalp, not your hair ends. Your hair get oily coming from your scalp, the scalp is the part that produces the oil, your ends do not produce oil. When you shampoo and rub your scalp back and forth, you rinse your scalp free of shampoo, your ends will then be shampooed by the residue from this scalp so everything comes from your scalp down releasing the trapped dirt within your ends. So there's no need to rub your ends, shampoo your scalp will be fine, your end will get clean by just shampooing your scalp


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