How to Wash Your Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Did you just get new clip-in hair extensions? Then you probably need to know how to clean them out after multiple wears.

The rule of thumb about clip-in hair extensions is that they have to be washed after every few weeks. This helps the human hair extensions to retain their glossiness and smooth texture for a longer duration.

The only problem here is that you can’t wash the clipped wefts like normal hair. Lucky for you, we’ve got this complex process figured out.

 And we’re happy to share it with the word.

Here is a step-by-step guide to washing those clip-in hair extensions:

Step 1: Comb It

For starters, hair extensions have a sneaky way of getting tangled up with your real hair. That is why you need to brush and comb the extensions properly before they get wet.

This precautionary step helps prevent more knots from forming during the wash.

We suggest that you use a soft bristle brush for this. Or a wide-tooth comb will be a good option too. After properly brushing those wefts you need to detach them from your scalp.

Pro Tip: Always ask a hairstylist to teach you how to detach hair extensions if you’re a beginner.

Step 2: Wash Them

You can either prepare a sink with lukewarm water for your wash. Or you might want to wash them in the shower with your natural hair. The key here is to always use lukewarm water. After that’s done, you pour a dime-sized drop of shampoo for in your palm. Then gently apply the shampoo on each weft. Make sure that each weft gets washed properly!

Here are a few things to keep in mind while the wash:

  • Use shampoos and conditioners that are alcohol-free
  • Choose products that are suitable for treated hair/dyed hair if need be
  • Separate your wefts for easier cleaning

Step 3:  Air Dry Them

When it comes to human hair extensions, blow drying is not a good option. You’ve got to go the old-school route by air drying them.  This boosts their longevity and prevents them from getting damaged by exposure to heat.

While air drying your extensions make sure to:

  • Wring off excessive water
  • Lay them on a towel
  • Assemble them separately so each weft is dried

Pro-tip: If you opt for a blow dryer than use a hair spray to minimize the damage.

Step 4: Get Them Ready for Attachment

Lastly, comb the wefts again to get them ready for reattachment. Brush them using light gently strokes to ensure that you don’t damage the strands. Then start reattaching them one at a time according to a proper installation process.

That’s it! You can get your clip-in wefts cleaned in these four simple steps.


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