How to Style and Maintain Wavy Wigs with Bangs

Times may change, but our love for wavy hair will never change. Through different styles and eras, waves and curls have never wavered. Once the 2000s hit, we embraced the loose and relaxing beach waves and never looked back. In 2021, it will still be one of the most popular styles. The best part of wavy hair is its versatility, most people like how relaxed and easy-going it looks. The hairstyle with bags also became a trendy since the early 20th century, if combine these two fashion icons, we will get the wavy wig with bangs. Then the questions are come, how to style wavy wig with bangs and how to maintain it? Here let’s get the answer from this topic.

How to style the bangs?

Usually the bangs of wig looks heavy and bulk, it’s necessary to restyle bangs to let it suits your face. You need to define the shape of your face at first, search some bangs hairstyles that suit for this shape through networks. Then follow the tutorials to make it.

If you worry can’t style the bangs well, there is a simplest way - take the wig to hair salon, let stylist design the perfect hairstyle for you !

How to maintain the bangs

For wig with bangs, it’s also important to maintain and set the bangs. The bangs is in the front part of your face, so you always notice it and feeling it, and thus keep the health and nutrient of it is more important than anytime.

As well as timely trim, it’s better to invest good quality shampoo that without sulfate, this kind shampoo won’t gets your bangs try and lose its curls.

When sleeping, you can wrap the hair by a silk cap to reduce the friction damage. And when morning, you can use hair rollers or clips to make bangs fluffy.

How to blow dry the bangs

Although we are big fans of air-dry, your bangs will look much better with the help of heat styling. Alternate hot and cold air can fix the hair in long time, and hair will not easy to shedding in dry condition. You will need a good quality round brush and a hairdryer that has nozzle, this will keep cuticle smooth.

At first, place the bangs in the round brush to get a beautiful radian, use hot air to blow dry them back away from your face. Then bangs are basically dry, change air to code condition to blow bangs again for several minutes, this will help set the bangs in place.

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