How to Slay Honey Blonde Wig?

Ombre Brown Honey Blonde Hair wig is the most hot selling hair wig in hair market,compare with other different hair wigs, this hair wig own a ombre and natural hair color, it is most suitable choice for you if you still looking for a fall hair wig, if you also have interested with this hair wig, please follow us, let us show you more details on the installment.

Main Process

Firstly, you can prepare a honey blonde color hair wig, there are two major options for you, lace frontal style hair wig and lace closure style hair wig, also two different styles for you, body wave wig or straight hair wig.

Secondly, you can wear a wig cap net, then cut extra parts of the net according to your head size, also cut extra lace part of the hair wig, prepare glue and brush for installment.

Thirdly, use the small brush, smear some glue around frontal part of hair wig, then put the hair wig on your head, adjust the size with the straps, that will be great. If you want your look more natural, you can consider wear it without glue,you can weave elastic band on hair wig, then wear it directly, that is better option, you can choose one as your need.

Ishow hair Black Friday sale go on, the honey blonde color hair wig on sale, if you also want a fall hair wig, you can consider this one, get a new look.

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