How To Select Hair Color That Suits Your Skin Tone

What hair color will suit you and your skin tone the best? How to pick the correct hair color? What is your skin tone, cool, warm or neutral? What hair color will work perfectly for you? If you've ever wondered these questions and want to know what you should do for a human hair wig color picking, reading this article will give you a comprehensive understanding.

What are the cool, warm and neutral skin tone

Let's break down what cool, neutral and warm are firstly. Let's go over cool skin tone, it doesn't mean you're cool. You can think of cool tones as stormy weather, so the undertones of cool skin tone is pink, red, or bluish.  

The opposite of cool would be warm, you can think of what you are seeing outside everyday. Like yellow sun or peachy sunset, all these colors will make you feel comfortable. The undertones of warm skin tone is yellow or golden.  

Neutral is even simpler, it is a combination of cool and warm undertones.

How can you tell which one you are

The simple way is to look at your own body and figure out which one you are. Look at your wrist, you will see the color of your veins vaguely. If you have blue or purple veins, you most likely have cool skin tone. If you have green or olive veins, you're most likely warm skin tone. If your veins have both blue and green veins, you are neutral skin tone.

What hair color will suit you the best

Warm Skin Tone

For warm deep skin tones, it's best to choose warm browns and honey blonde to accentuate your skin's natural depth. A good choice will be Ishow P 4/27 Color  Highlight Ombre Brown Honey Blonde Wig.

Cool Skin Tone

Cool blacks look great on deep skin, but adding chocolaty tones is also a nice way to warm up the skin. Thus natural black color would look good for cool skin tone people.

Neutral skin tone

Neutral undertones can rock every color. It’s good to going with a color that looks rich and vibrant like an auburn red or natural black, these tones can add perfect amount of glow against the skin.

Makeup can change your skin tone 

Makeup can help you to go from cool to warm, warm to cool, cool or warm to neutral very quickly. So if you're a warm skin person but want to rock the purple color, just put some makeup on, you can work with the wig to a gorgeous look. This article just to help people figure out what is the most optimal hair color for them.

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