How to select a wig

Wigs can provide an instant transformation to a woman's appearance as hair thinning causes many women to feel unattractive.

Wigs allow women to choose the style and colour which they desire. If you are experiencing hair loss, a wig is a great way to give the illusion of naturual hair as opposed to undergoing invasive surgery such as hair transplantation.

Currently there are various wigs on the market which vary in price. It is possible to buy wigs which are made from synthetic fibre, human hair and a combination of synthetic/human hair. Synthetic wigs can be quite restrictive as the synthetic fibre cannot tollerate heat and has to be washed a specific wig shampoo. With human hair wigs it is possible to wash the hair in ordinary shampoo and it is possible to use heat on the wig such as straighteners.

When selecting a wig it is best to choose a wig with a fringe as they tend to look more natural and prevents your hair line from showing. If the fringe is too long you can always cut it or clip it back. Also, try and choose a colour which is close to your natural colour hair.

There are many style of wigs available but if you want a realistic one it would be best to choose a monofilament wig which consists of a very fine transparent mesh, which is used in the most critical areas of a wig, the front hairline, parting and crown. The mono mesh is extremely fine as it allows the natural scalp colour to show if parted.

Monofilament wigs look more naturual than machine tied wigs as each fibre is tied by hand, which creates a preium quality product. This gives the wig a very naturual look and are lightweight as opposed to other styles of wigs which is ideal for warm climates. Due to the fibre being hand-tied onto the monofilament, it behaves like your own hair. Monofilament wigs come in synthetic fibre and human hair.

The last thing that you want is for your wig to slip, which can be extremely embarrassing. To prevent this from happening, it would be best to wear a wig cap because its designed to hold the hair in place and prevent the wig from slipping. Wig caps are also quite useful if you have longer hair but can be worn if the hair is short. A wig cap is composed of breathable nylon and is available in several colours. It is washable and can be purchased inexpensively at wig shops.

To many women hair thinning causes embarrassment however it is possible to conceal the hair loss with a good quality wig.

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