How To Prevent Embarrassing Hair Mishaps From Happening?

A suitable and properly installed hair weave can make any woman look gorgeous, feel confident and glamorous. But if it's not properly cared for, your hair can quickly turn into a hot mess. From visible tracks to bad blends, there are lots of things that can go wrong while wearing a weave. Here are some precious valuable tips about how to prevent these embarrassing hair calamities from happening firstly.

  • Your weave wasn't installed right and your tracks start to show. A good-wearing weave can really boost your confidence and even switch up your look, but the perfect effect of wearing one is to make everyone thinks it's your real hair. If one of your sewn-in tracks decides to make an appearance, the whole look can be ruined. This happens because the hair has been installed too close to your "leave out," or the real hair purposely left out to cover the installation. And the only way to fix it is to make a beeline to your hairstylist so he or she can completely take it out and reattach it.

  • Your hair definitely needs to be washed and given a good scrub-down if it looks stringy. Clean your hair once every two weeks or every week if you work out a lot like the way you clean your natural hair thoroughly. Make sure your natural hair underneath gets dry and doesn't mildew. What's more, to avoid mildew can also prevent a bad smell coming from the weave. This requires a complete drying process of the weave. The bad smell could be eliminated by washing thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo (eg. Pantene Pro-V), and then using a blow-dryer, focusing directly onto the scalp, to make sure your weave roots get fully dry.

  • The weave doesn't match up with your hairline. A good weave should blend in well with all of your hair — including your hairline and baby hair. You need to pick the right color that matches up and install your weaves properly so that they don't look obvious, otherwise, you have to have it redone.

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