How to Make Your Remy Human Hair Weave Wavy

Have a straight weave? You can easily switch up its style by making it wavy. Here are a few ways you can turn your straight Remy human hair weave wavy.

Use a Curling Iron to Style Your Hair Weave

Heat styling is best suited to natural Remy human hair weaves. Avoid using this technique on synthetic weaves. If you have any clips in the hair, take them out before you style.

Wrap an inch of your hair around the curling iron, and hold for a minute so it curls. Use a small barrel curling iron for tighter waves and a wide barrel iron if you want looser ones. If you want to create a naturally wavy appearance, use both the small and large barrel curling irons, alternating between them every so often.

While you’re curling the bottom of your hair, leave it out at the bottom – this should give you a curlier and more polished look.

Keep curling until your weave is totally wavy, and then run your fingers through the hair gently so any tight curls loosen into waves.

Wear Flexi-Rod Curlers Overnight

Use a wide-tooth comb or just your fingers to gently brush out the tangles in your weave. Remember, don’t pull too hard – you could end up damaging the weave!

Now spritz your hair with water to dampen the weave. Damp weaves are more capable of holding waves than dry ones. Don’t completely wet your hair – spray each part of your hair no more than twice. Wet hair is susceptible to mold and damage during the night, and will not hold wavy styles either.

Split up your hair into three to four large vertical sections, depending on how thick the weave is. Leave one section free to style, and pin up the others. Coil the loose section around the flexi-rod curlers, and make sure it’s wrapped smoothly before securing the flexi-rod.

Unpin the other sections one by one and do the same. Make sure your flexi-rods are positioned comfortably so you can sleep in peace.

Use a silk scarf or bonnet to cover the weave overnight so it is protected from damage through friction as you sleep. The silk will ensure your weave remains smooth and shiny sans static, but take care to tie it loosely, or your scalp could sweat and the style may not set in.

Gently remove the flexi-rods in the morning, and untwist your hair before running your fingers through it for smooth waves.

Braiding Your Weave

Comb out your weave, and make two braids on each side of your head. Gently run a ceramic flat iron over your Virgin human hair weave so the wave is locked in. Do this for each braid, and let them cool for 15 minutes so the waves have time to set in your hair. Undo your braids.

You could also leave the braids in overnight for waves. In this case, dampen your weave slightly for best results.

Give your Remy human hair weave the perfect waves with these methods!

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