How to Make Your Lace Front Wig Fuller and Longer

If you own a lace front wig that is probably not as full as you wanted it to be, or not as long, you can remedy the situation by adding a hair extension or bundle. This directive is a simple technique to customize your wig, save money, and look fantastic, all with little effort and creativity on your part. Applying the hair extension to your lace wig works just the same way you install it on your hair. If you haven’t known what a hair extension is and how to apply it to your natural hair, read it here.

The thing need prepare

we need hair extension or bundle that has same texture and longer length than the wig, some needles and thread.

How to add hair extension or bundle to the wig

1 Put the wig on a wig stand, comb hair softly to remove tangle. Then wear the wig to ensure the place of adding, make a part on this place, few inches away from your forehead. The part you are making is where the front of your hair extension will sit.

2 Create a circular part on your wig, leaving out some hair on all sides to cover your hair extension after installing it. Also, leave a few inches from the back of your head. Pack the hair parted in the middle, so it doesn’t mix up with the hair all around it.

3 Start by placing the adjustable band directly on the part you made in front of your hair. The weft should sit correctly in the space you made to adjust the back of your hair hair extension easily. Once the front is set, hold down the band with one hand and pull the other end of the extension gently to sit on the parting at the back of your head with your other hand. With the hair extension at the back and the weft firmly placed in front, you have successfully achieved a major step.

4 Loosen the parts of your lace wig you packed up in the middle and comb it out to cover the hair hair extension, especially in front of the weft. Comb the lace wig and hair extension together thoroughly to ensure there is no visible difference between them, and they look natural.

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