How to Make Curly Style On Your Hair

Make style on hair is a very important thing in routine daily making for many people. Whichever style you prefer, you can make it yourself with some simple tools. Today we will show you how to make curly style on your hair, whatever hair bundle or hair wig, with two easy ways.

First:use curling iron to make curly style

The curling iron is a very necessary tool when make style on your hair, you can choose flat iron or Egg Roll Curling Stick iron to style your hair, the first tool is very common tool to curl hair, second one is to make loose deep style specially. Use this tool, we need to take a proper temperature to avoid damages to hair. Begin style with this tool, brush hair firstly, then take a small hair , roll hair in iron, keep for few minutes, do it pieces by pieces, then you can get a long lasting curly style look.

Second:use flexi rod to curl hair

This way may take longer time, but it will not take damage to hair, but the wave pattern will not be lasting. You can do this when you install hair wig or put it in mannequin head, separate your hair into same small pieces, take one flexi rod, roll all hair on it,fold rod  into a circle, if you do this when you sleep, wear a cap firstly, then open these rods after keep it hours, you will get a very bouncy curly look. Try these two ways, if you want to style curly hair with hands

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