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how to make a wig with closure

how to make a wig with closure

June 18, 2019

The main reasons why you make the wig by yourself:

You can customize it which every hair style you like;

Money saving:the price of the hair, equipment, tools,etc is nothing compared with having someone else do it for you


Preparations are important and depend on the method(glue-less method, quick weave, u-part, full lace closure, or semi-lace closure, and the list goes on) you will make the wig.Let's get the tools ready:


-hair-sewing thread and needle

-Pins (help hold wefts in place)

-scissors, tweezers

-styrofoam wig head, Wig Head / Wig Stand

-Weave Cap or Socking Cap

-hair bundles with closure

-Hair care products:Leave-in Conditioner (etc.)

After all those tools are all set, you need prepare:

-Measure the head, then make a pattern and secure your pattern on a wig block, next cut the lace,finally, secure the lace on a wig block.


-Bleach the Knots

you’ll need is the BW 2 powder along with a 40-volume developer. You will mix the combination of the two until you have a thick consistency. With the paste you will place it on the back of the lace closure, spreading it lightly so that it will not go into the hair. Let the solution sit on the knots for about 15 minutes. When time is all up, go through and wash out the bleach with shampoo and conditioner and let closure dry accordingly.


-Pluck Closure To Ensure Natural Hairline

Take a small section in the front where you would create baby hairs and gently pluck hairs in a downward motion.


Making the wig

-Sewing down the closure

Bring out your black weave cap and place that on top of your styrofoam wig head. Secure you closure on to the cap with pins in the exact location you would like best. Once you secure the closure, you can pin it down, and begin sewing it on to the cap using the back and forth stitch technique.


-Sewing Bundles

For beginners:

I would measure how long you need the wefts to be, pin one end to the cap on the wig head ,begin sewing and cut the tracks.

For more experienced wig makers:

Try the flip method which involves no cutting of the tracks but instead rolling one on top of the other. This method can be more time consuming, but it does create a voluminous fuller wig.


OK, the last but not least, try it on, are you excited about it?


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