How to Let Your Human Hair Hold Its Pattern Longer

Human hair extension and wigs are very popular in hair markets, people can get hairstyles as natural as possible. However, the human hair will lose its pattern easily after long time using. Thus, learning ow to hold or revive the pattern is very important. Here are some useful tips on how to let your human hair hold its pattern in longer.

For straight human hair

If you want to keep hair in straight pattern, you can use flat iron to straighten hair in daily life. It’s easy enough to handle, we just need notice when using it, the temperature shouldn’t over 350 degrees F.


For wavy human hair

There are two easy methods to hold hair pattern longer. First one is maintain hair well in daily life, like use elastic essence or conditioner to wet wavy hair. This can help the hair in a good condition. Second one is use flexi rods or hair curler to restyle hair. Use them when hair is 85% dry to hold the pattern and let hair not get damaged.


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