How To Keep Your Relaxed Hair Healthy In Summer

Hair In Summer

Summer heat means more humidity and more dry heat. People are more active outside, such as sunbathing in the beach or cooling off in the pool. The hair would be affected by summer heat, sand, sweat and chlorine. So we need to take special care of our natural hair and hair extensions in summer.


1. Five Things To Pay Attention To

In order to make your hair survive the summer heat, five things need to be put effort into. They are washing your hair weekly to moisturize it, avoiding too much heat styling (permed, curled, straightened), drinking more water and having a healthy diet, getting a regular trim, and consulting with a hairstylist.


2. Take Moisture As Your Friend

Washing your hair regularly is very important no matter what your hair texture is, so are the shampoos and conditioners you are using. Pick a certain brand or type that is suitable for your hair, for example, shampoos that are infused with oats, honey and essential oils. Something that contains protein help you get more extra hydrating. You are giving your hair the necessary moisture it needs by doing this.


3. Avoiding Heat Is Avoiding Damage

As for hair, heat is a risky factor and could be even more dangerous, especially for already naturally dry relaxed hair. When the hair is relaxed, it becomes more dehydrated. You'll want to go easy on heat styling to protect your hair even more during summer. When you use heat on your hair, try to refrain from heat styling as much as possible and make sure that you are using heat protectants and cover your hair at night, only remove it right when you are about to leave in order to make your style last.


4. Trimming Your Ends So That Your Hair Can Grow Exponentially

Trimming your hair is such an essential part to the health of your hair. Whenever you’re about to get treatment for your hair, you should be trimming your ends so that your hair can grow exponentially. The more you trim, the more you grow. If there were a real hair bible, that would be in the top five rules. So, even if you’re scared to trim your hair, you must understand that it’ll benefit you in the long run. This is especially true if you have relaxed hair. In the summertime, you want to make sure you’re trimming whenever necessary so that your hair can flourish!

5. Your Hair Is Thirsty Keep it Hydrating

Honestly, what is water not suitable for? It’s so essential to so many things but especially your hair. Combing water with a proper diet and vitamin intake (B12, omega supplements, and a minimal dose of biotin, ect), you can almost always expect to see surprising results in your appearance.

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