How To Keep Your Hair Healthy Under Wigs or Weaves

Wearing human hair wigs is a great choice to change your look but without making any changes to your own hair. Many people love wearing human hair lace wigs and weaves, but they are afraid of damaging their own hair. This blog will talk about the topic of keeping your hair healthy while wearing human hair.

Wash your hair regularly

Washing your natural hair regularly is the necessary step. No matter which textures you pick, wearing wigs long time will make your scalp feel stuffiness and sweat, cause grease and smudginess to your hair. If not wash them, will damage your hair. So washing your hair regularly is very important to keep the scalp clean.

Apply a wig cap between your hair and wigs or weaves

Wearing a wig cap can protect your scalp and hairline, reduce the friction from installation.

Never sleep with wig

After wearing wig, your scalp can not breathe, so it is not good to wear wig while sleeping. Another reason is that the wig might be tight and this can damage your hair follicles as well as hair strands.

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