How to Keep Natural Look with Human Hair Wigs

Every woman wants to look and feel fabulous, and with human hair wigs you can add length and thickness whilst experimenting with coloured hair attachments and varied styles. Hair wigs give you the freedom to enjoy all aspects of styling. In order to get the best results from your attachments, it is useful to understand how to look after them to ensure maximum and healthy life.

To ensure a longer lasting life for your synthetic wigs, you need to try and resist styling them too often.  Unfortunately synthetic hair can not be protected by heat protection products so therefore applying heat will result in damage and loss of the original sleek and smooth look. 

Human Hair wigs need to be treated exactly how you would treat existing hair. The use of heat protection products before using blow dryers and straightening irons can help to guard locks from any harmful damage. To keep your attachments looking natural and healthy, wash them every couple of days using a good shampoo and conditioner. Always brush or comb through whilst wet and be gentle. You can expect a slightly higher amount of hair loss when carrying out your usual routine. This is because natural and additional hair will come away.

Human hair wigs can get easily tangled with improper care methods, so you must be careful with the activities you choose to do. When playing sports, put hair in a ponytail or plait to prevent any major tangling. Try using a soft bristle brush to gently tease out tangles. Start at the bottom and slowly work your way up. Sleep with your hair tied back and always ensure it has been thoroughly dried using a low heat. This will ensure a protected, finished look.

By caring for your hair wigs, you can achieve a long lasting, natural look that will remain sleek and smooth for a long time. Using the right hair care products whilst styling is imperative and will ensure that volume and shine is delivered with every wash.

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