How to Get The Perfect Summer Waves

Natural human hair can be restyled freely, which give us much possibility to make different hairstyles in daily life. Charming wavy hair absolutely is a good choice for energetic summer. Here, let’s follow up with model IAMCHELSIEJANEA, figure out how to get the perfect summer waves with Ishow straight human hair bundles.



Tools We Need:

  • The 100% human hair can be restyled freely
  • Hair crimper
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Several hairpins



Frist, we need divide hair to different parts by hair pins, this can help us crimp hair totally. Select one part, use wide tooth comb to comb hair to keep it away from tangle problem. Then take hair crimper, curl the hair from root to the end. If you want curly looks, we can curl the hair twice or three times. But we need make sure the heat of hair crimper should below 300 degrees, or the hair would be damaged by high heat. Then, we just need curl other parts by turns to repeat the operation. After all parts be curled, we can spray some essence to keep hair in good condition. Last but at least, comb hair softly, we will get a pretty summer waves.


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