How to Get a Super Natural Side Part Wig!

Lace wig is a perfect fashion choice, which bringing unlimited possibilities to let us can change hairstyles freely in daily life. Especially with 13*4 lace frontal wig or 360 frontal wig, we can part hair freely to get looks we want. The most common is middle part, however, we shouldn’t ignore side part modeling. Here let’s follow hair model, do something fresh to learn how to get a natural side part wig.


First, prepare one lace wig, use pointed comb to side part it simply, plucked hair line to make it looks natural. Using new sharp tweeters to make this easier, and notice not pluck to much letting the edge looks like our own scalp. Don’t need bleach lace or knots. Then next obviously we need to cut the lace before attach wig to your head. Now we can get a side part wig that has natural like luster and like texture.


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