How to Get A Juicy Curly Hair Wig Look

For many people, wig unit is more greater than hair bundles, because you can just install it yourself without help of stylist. And, usually to get wig unit, you have two choices, long inch lace frontal wig or short inch bob hair wig. As weather get higher and higher, we recommend bob style wig more. If you also prefer wig unit, pay attention on this blog, today let us show you how to get a juicy curly wig look with bob wig.

We will take a curly bob wig to make this look, if you don’t like curly style, you also can choose deep wave lace frontal bob wig. We will show you the whole tutorial.

Let us prepare some important tools, like mousse, gel, water, razor,wide tooth brush, edge brush, foundation, make up brush and other basic things

At beginning, you can check wig lace color, if it is light for you, you can use brush through lace part with your foundation, after that, install your wig, brush wig with wide tooth brush, then spay water on whole wig, after that, a normal wet look has come out, to make it more juicy, smear mousse on hair wig, every time,take a small piece. We will go into making hairline and cut lace process, to cut lace, you need to be more careful than other things, we recommend use razor to cut, it will be more convenient than scissors. At last, you can use gel on top to flat down frontal part hair. Then you will get a cute and juicy curly wig look

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