How to Fix Human Hair Wig Damage

In every woman's life, there will be an experience of messing the wig she once liked very much. As we all know, not every human hair wig can suit us best, it may be because of the hairline, or even because you don’t like the hair texture or hairstyle. So when you get a wig that you like very much, you will cherish it most. But the wig can't always be like new, the hair may sheds or tangles, the lace may be torn, so we need some ways to fix the damaged wig, isn’t it right? Read this blog, let's talk about how to quickly revive your damaged wigs.

1. For lace damaged wig

For lace damaged wigs, it is also divided into the lace part which means the hairline part, damaged, or only the other parts are damaged.

Usually the front lace damage will determine whether the wig can be used again or not. Therefore, when the lace on the front part is damaged, you can repair it with needles. First spread the glue evenly on the lace, then hook the lace with needles.

Some people will stretch the lace too much when styling the hairline, which will deform the lace and some holes will be drawn into a straight line. Then you can adjust the holes one by one with the needles to make them return to the circle as before. Then you can design the hairline again.

2. For hair damaged wig

For wigs with damaged hair, it is usually divided into tangling problems and shedding problems. In particular, curly hair wigs are more likely to shed and become tangled than straight hair wigs.

For tangles, just take care of your hair with deep conditioning treatments. And don't comb hard, comb gently with your hands to make your hair smooth. After washing the wig, it is recommended to dry it naturally. Hair dryers are always more prone to tangles in wigs. Natural drying is always the best choice for healthy hair. Some customers prefer to restyle the texture of the wig. For example, when you wear a straight hair wig, you may want to make a curly or wavy hair wig after a few months, this method can easily damage the hair. So after changing the texture, please care about your hair again.

Another problem of hair damage is shedding. Even if we can't repair the wigs that shedding by itself, we can do some work to prevent our human hair wigs from shedding. Then you will be advised not to over-bleach when you get the wig. In addition, when your wig starts to shed little, don’t brush too much. The more you brush, the more shedding hair will be, which is easy to make your wig look bald.


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