How to Dye Your Hair Correctly at Home?

Summer is coming, don’t you want to try something new and do hair color transformation? Hair is definitely connected to self-confidence for us. We need to level up because it is 2021 now. Life is like a learning journey, it is a constant breakthrough of ourselves. Sometimes we need to make a difference, do something you never do or scare to do. If you are willing to do, fear of dying your human hair wig isn’t really a thing anymore. Are you worrying about bad results? Surely no one want to be ugly with hair color. Reading the following will relieve you of all worries. In this article, I'm going to share some tips and tricks.


Before all one key point, don’t wash your wig, this will help the dye seep into your hair evenly and catch the color very well.

 1 Dividing your hair into small sections

If your wig is long inch one, then you can easily miss a spot while you're dyeing your hair, so one of the tips is to divide your hair into equal small parts and work with one section at a time, split your hair in half and then split it again on each side. Roll up each section of hair and secure them with hair place.

 2 Removing your jewelry

When the above steps are done, you should have something that looks like this. If you wear jewelry, now is the best time to remove them, because you don't want the dye to stain or damage them, so remove your ring, necklace and whatever you're wearing, since you will be using hair dye.

 3 Dyes darker or lighter than your current hair color

For long hair, you will need two box dyes, choose a semi-permanent hair dye that contains no ammonia, so it will just give your hair a darker tint and some shiny. You can find hair dye kits in any drugstore, what you need to get are developer, cream, conditioner, pamphlet and gloves. You can just add the cream to the developer and shake the bottle. But you also need to pour everything into a mixing bowl, pour in the developer firstly, next squeeze the cream into the mixture, then grab your brush and mix them together. It is the best to mix all these away from anything white, in case to stain them. Because if you have it on the white furniture, it's going to get stained. Due to the mixture is ready, you need to put on your gloves, even with the brush application this will make the process a little messy .

 4 Dying from the front to back, cover all your hair evenly.

If this is your first time to dye hair, keep calm and start with the hairline, saturate your brush with a dye and apply this all over your hairline. From the front to the back, this part is very important, if you intend to tie your hair back into a high ponytail, your hairline will show, so you must get all your hair a nice even coverage which is crucial. Next it's time to work on each section, brush your hair first to make sure it's smooth then apply the hair dye. When your hair is completely saturated you need to use a wide tooth comb and brush it out, spread the hair dye evenly. If you're looking for highlights on braids or even going for a dramatic color change, then I highly recommend going to a professional.


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