How to Dye Your Brazilian Hair Weave Yourself

Thinking of dyeing your weave at home? Read this guide first! It can be difficult to dye extensions which is why it’s so important that you completely understand what you’re doing. Here’s how you dye your lovely Brazilian human hair extensions without destroying them.

Never Dye Synthetic Hair!

Any weaves made from synthetic hair are out of the running as far as dyeing is concerned. Synthetic fibers don’t have the cuticles required for bleach and pigments to work – you can color them with something like a fabric dye, but the results still don’t tend to be great.

Virgin Brazilian hair, on the other hand, is a great candidate for dyeing. Other virgin hair is also suited to coloring but keep in mind that different kinds of hair will react differently to hair dye.

Stay Subtle at Home

It’s best to leave the dramatic hair transformations to the professionals. When dyeing your hair at home, you should go for a subtle change, or your gorgeous Brazilian hair weave could be susceptible to damage, dryness and even breakage. And skip the bleach entirely! Leave the hair lightening to the salon.

Get Quality Supplies

Keep in mind, however, that quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! Drugstore dyes like Wella and Garnier Nutrisse are actually great for dyeing your weaves, since they’re not strong enough to damage them. Just make sure you get sufficient quantities of dye – two boxes should be enough for a bundle. And get a mixing bowl, dye brush, fine-tooth comb and wide tooth comb, if you don’t already have them.

Dye Your Extensions

But don’t slap on the dye just yet! Do a small test on some of the strands first, to ensure they react well to the dye. Once you know your hair doesn’t have a bad reaction to the dye, apply the remaining dye to the rest of the weave. Make sure to follow the box instructions to the letter. For best color placement, dye your weave before installing it on your head

Maintain the Color over Time

Once you’ve dyed your weave, you need to maintain it so the color remains bright and vibrant, and the hair undamaged and healthy. Use products like Olaplex to keep your hair strengthened, and invest in some quality hair masks that will seal in that much-needed moisture in the strands. One excellent product for keeping your hair healthy, hydrated and shiny is Moroccan Argan Oil. You can also treat your hair with Silicone mix, a shampoo that’s great at reviving older weaves. Use hydrating products regularly for glossy hair.

So there you have it! While it may be difficult to dye your Brazilian hair extensions at home, it’s totally doable as long as you faithfully follow the instructions. That said, if you feel overwhelmed by all the instructions, you may want to go to a salon instead. While it’s completely possible to end up with great results at home, it could also get messy if you’re not familiar with dyeing your hair.