How to Crimp Straight Hair Yourself

  Style hair has been more and more important part in our daily life, many girls order some straight hair bundles or hair wig, use their roller to style the hair, get a different and amazing look. Today let us show a easy way to get a beautiful loose deep style look with straight hair


  To style your hair into loose deep wave, the important tool we need to prepared is Egg Roll Curling Stick. This tool is featured with 3 barrel hair curling iron, you can use this to make the loose and beautiful style.


Style process

  Let get start, use your wide tooth brush or finger to brush your hair firstly, then pre heat your curling stick for a moment, then separate your straight hair wig or bundle into small pieces, spay some water on hair, then use your stick roll the hair pieces by pieces, please noticed, keep the tool in a proper temperature adjustable 180°C-210°C, keep the stick on hair for some minutes to maintain the style, this whole process will take long time, after that, you can use some setting spray on hair, it can make this look more stable. That all, you can get a loose deep look

  If you have interest on style hair, you can try this easy way to make a bouncy ans loose look.


Check Ishow Hair Youtube video, learn more skills on how to style hair.

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