How to Create Natural Fine Edge For Your Wig

We love to wear human hair wigs to make beautiful and different hairstyles easily. There are some things you can do to make sure your wig is as natural as possible. Today we're going to mimic those who have fine hair and edges. Just take a look, we will step by step and it's gonna be very detailed on the plugging.

First, you need to put the wig on your head with the lace, then judge how the wig looks, where the front of the wig begins, and where you want to place the wig, which should be near your natural hairline. Then cut the extra lace off.

Second, part your hair to several parts, lay it just a little bit on your forehead, use your figures to press the gel or glue. Clip your hair on two sides of the wig. Create a parting on one side of the hair wig using a fine-tooth comb. Then separate this small part from the rest of your frontal by clipping the hair.

Last, use a toothbrush to comb the hair at the hairline, you can also set your baby hair using a hairspray.

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