How to Colored Your Bob Hair Wig

Color hair bob wig has been a fashion label recently among many black women, this kind of bob wig take them a more colorful and beautiful look. If you would like to get a color hair wig, there are two choice for you, first one, order some colorful hair bundles, make them into a unit; second one, get a natural black color hair bob wig or blonde color hair bob wig, dye it into the color you want with help of your stylist,you can choose the way you prefer. Today, let us focus on- how to dye the hair wig into a colorful one.


Let us prepare some necessary tools firstly, take example,like, a natural black color bob hair wig or blonde color hair bob wig, for beginner, can consider the blonde one, it will be more easy. Other tools, like wide tooth brush, small plastic bowl, dye brush, creme, powder lightener, semi-permanent hair color potion, mannequin head.


After these prepare, let us get ready to mail process.

First, put your hair wig in your mannequin head, then use the wide tooth brush to brush your hair; second, put the powder lightener and cream in the small plastic bowl, mix them, use the brush make this in hair, if you choose blonde hair wig, you can skip this step, go to next coloration step; third, put hair color potion into your bowl again, make your hair wig into small pieces, then put color potion on hair piece by piece, keep it for a period time, then wash these dye materials out, let the bob wig dry it naturally. Then you will get a very beautiful colorful bob hair wig.


Choose Ishow hair, following fashion trend, ready for your Spring.

Want to see the whole dye video, check Ishow Youtube Channel 

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