How to Choosing Real Hair Extensions

If you ask anyone who either has hair extensions or is contemplating getting them as to what the best type on the market is I bet you would get an overwhelming number of people reply with real hair extensions or as they are otherwise known human hair extensions. Even most experts agree that they are the best and most natural hair on the market. So with this in mind, when you are looking to have extensions applied make sure you choose real hair.

With this type of extension you aren't tied to a particular style or colour as they can be washed, coloured and styled just like your natural locks. This is an important fact purely for the reason that with synthetic extensions you are unable to do anything with them. They have to be left exactly the way they are. This is down to the fact you can't style them because of the fibers that they are made from. If you used heat on them they would melt! Imagine how difficult this would make your daily hair routine as you wouldn't be able to blow dry and you would only be able to straighten the natural part of your hair. With real extensions however the hair is human so you can treat it exactly how you would treat your natural hair. You can blow dry it, straighten it and use curling tongs on it without the risk of causing any damage. Also if you wanted to change the colour of your natural locks while you still have them in then no problem as you are able to dye them along with the rest of your natural locks.

As there is so much variety when it comes to real hair extensions it means stylists are easily able to match the colour and texture of them with your own locks. One example of a popular type of real hair extension is known as Remy hair. This is quite possibly one of the best forms available, why? The reason comes down to the fact the upper and lower ends of the hair are kept in their natural state, which means the cuticles are all facing the same direction. This will allow the strands to flow more naturally as there is no friction between any of the cuticles. Another major advantage to them is the fact there is a substantial decrease in the amount of tangling and matting that is a common problem with hair of lower quality.

The cuticles of the hair are the outermost part of the hair. It is this part of our locks that protect from the sun, chemicals and other irritants. As real extensions in the form of Remy hair are sourced so the cuticles are protected they have become the type that is most typically worn by celebrities. This also comes down to the fact this type is silky soft and contains subtle waves to make it look as natural as possible.

Out of all the extensions that are available, real hair should be the only option you consider and out of all the real hair extensions that are on the market my advice to you is to look into getting Remy hair applied. By doing this you will be left with long, full, glowing locks that will be the envy of everyone, so what are you waiting for?

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